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Bio: A blog about History, Art, Culture, and way of life: Alexandra Barbot has a degree from the State University of Port-Au-Prince Haiti for law, and a certificate in German language from the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich Germany. Ms. Barbot is also an author. She has published in 1993 "De la protection de l'environnement en Haiti". For her master degree in law that will be available in 2011 to the public. She has co-published in 1998 an article with two German attorneys "Produkt Piraterie, ein wirtschaftliches problem" and for a German business club. Ms. Barbot has authored and illustrated under her mother's maiden name Mrs. Jeanine Agnant "Mommy tell me about Haiti". then 'Tell me about Haiti' " Dusable pirate son and city founder" and "Free puppy love".She studied art with the internationally renowned Haitian Roland Dorcely. Mrs. Barbot has exhibited her work in Haiti, Germany, France and has worked with many Haitian and American nonprofit organizations in Miami. She is the co-founder of the Haitian American Historical Museum and Archives in Miami, Fl. She is a Financial Adviser with a Fortune 100 company in Miami Fl. where she lives, she has two children

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  1. Hank permalink

    Hello! I came across your work today and I just wanted to say I hope you keep sharing your words for everyone to see! hoping you keep writing and congrats on being published! Hope your 2018 has been a great year

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